rich honey solution

Delivers stunning golden bronze tones

Made with only organic and natural ingredients

Wash time of 2+ hours

Non-sticky formulation

Fades evenly and lasts approx. 7-10 days

No synthetic green or orange base or dyes

Stocked and used in the world’s leading health spas and retreats


two solution

Delivers beautiful deep earthy brown tones

Made with only organic and natural ingredients

Wash time of 2 hours

Non-sticky formulation

Fades evenly and lasts approx. 7-10 days



Natural Things can provide you with everything you need to get started opening your own tanning business from home or equipping your salon.

Rapid Spray Tanning Machine

Rapid Spray Tanning Tent

Eco Tan professional Start up pack



Scroll down for your Guide to performing & gaining the best possible results from our Beautiful Organic Tan


Why is Choosing a TRUE Organic Tan a Better Choice? 

• Skin can absorb up to 60% of substances applied to its surface. Nicotine patches prove that! 
• In 1938 the Food, Drug Administration (FDA) granted the personal care industry the power  to  regulate  itself.  Therefore,  products  can  be  marketed  without  government approval of ingredients, regardless of what tests show. Pre-market safety tests are not required and with the exception of a small amount of banned chemicals, manufacturers can add almost any ingredient to a personal care product. 
• Phenoxyethanol had a FDA warning on it. This is a common preservative found in tanning products & cosmetics in Australia. 
• Propylene Glycol (PG) & Butylene Glycol are petroleum plastics that easily penetrate the skin and can  weaken protein and cellular structure. PG is a solvent so powerful it dissolves through a stainless  steel tank in 48 hours so it has to be stored in plastic drums. The Environment Protection Authority EPA considers PG so toxic that it requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing and goggles. However, Propylene Glycol is used in some products in concentrations of up to 20%. It is also the main ingredient in certain types of Antifreeze. How's that for good skin care? This ingredient is found in Popular spray tan solutions. 
• Women use up to 15 different personal care products daily, causing a layering effect. That is why there really is no safe level of toxic and in our view synthetic ingredients. 
• Women are inhaling and absorbing into their blood stream more than 2kg of beauty products every year. Many are frightening ingredients according to the safety material data sheets. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

Here are some frequently asked questions, try and familiarise yourself with these to ensure you are prepared. 
Q: How long should I leave the tan on? A: We are a TRUE organic tan so a recommendation of 2+ hours for best results. As all skin types are different, we can only recommend. 
Q: Will it stain clothes and bedding? A: On cotton and natural fibres it will come out in the wash. On synthetics and silks it will need to be dry cleaned
Q: Can I go in a spa or swimming pool with a spray tan? A: yes but it will definitely effect the life of your tan. 
Q: How long will my tan last? A: Approximately 7-10 days depending on your skin type and how many coats are applied and how much swimming etc. 
Q: Do I need to moisturise my tan? A: Eco Tan professional solutions are very moisturising however a light oil-free moisturiser can be applied daily
Q: Can I pick up my order to save on freight? A: No Natural Things will ship  all orders direct to our clients.
Q: Where was the formula made? A: The formula has been created by a team of industry experts and our founder Sonya Driver. 
Q: What happens if the colour is criticised or called orange? A: We have no yellow or orange pigments in the formula, this is a Natural colour made from Mother Earth.  Suggest they are leaving the tan on too long. Fair skin people can react to the higher percentage of DHA if this is left of for to long, So it is best if they don’t leave it on past 6 hours for really fair skin types. 
Q,: What makes your skin tan? Eco Tan's Ecocert Natural DHA reacts with the amino acids in your dead skin layers creating a colour change. This is what we call a tan. DHA is a deriviative of sugar. 


Guide to performing & gaining the best possible results from our Beautiful Organic Tan

1. Pre Tan Client Preparation
Ensure your client has shaved or waxed the day or two PRIOR to tanning and does not use deodorant or moisturiser the day of tanning. Your client should also exfoliate their skin, we recommend using our Eco Tan extreme exfoliating Glove for the best results 24 hours prior. 
Set up your tent and place a dark coloured towel on the bottom (this prevents any clients getting tan on the soles of their feet and any over spray staying on the bottom of the tent ) It is a lot easier to clean and you can flip it over and fold it to get many uses out of it. 
2. As all skin types are different, some will absorb product much faster or slower than others we suggest the following times for developing. 
Rich Honey – 2+ hours  TWO – 2 hours  
 The longer you leave the solution on the skin the darker you go.  
For example a fair skinned person you would apply two coats and advise them to leave it on for 2 hours. For a medium to olive skin toned person apply two coats and suggest they leave it on for 2+ hours for a darker tan. You will not go darker or lighter than what you should. The tan adapts to each skin tone. Two coats will always result in a darker tan. 
 3. We recommend applying 2 Well applied coats of tan on your client. We recommend setting the dial on the gun to 2-3 and turning the power button on the machine on and then increasing the speed by pressing the + button 3-4 times. You will notice some clients will absorb more solution than others, so if too much product is coming out take the dial on the gun down to 2 or vice versa

4. As with fresh food, our solution is best keep under 30 Degrees Celsius in a cool dark place. 
 5. Due to the natural composition of our solution please shake well prior to every use. 
6. Ensure you close up your tent after each use. To clean your tent simply hose our and leave to dry. 

7.Cleaning of your filter is required each week. (Depending on the number of uses) 
8. Ensure you turn off your machine between uses. 
9. Apply a barrier cream such as paw paw cream to the nipples if client is breast-feeding.