The Eco Tan collection offers you a range of certified organic and natural tanning products to suit every need and skin type

Made from all things natural with NO hidden nasties you can be confident you and your family are using nothing but the best.

Since Day 1, Sonya has been committed to creating a healthier, animal friendly and environmentally friendly eco range. Eco Tan is a company that is founded on authenticity and transparency, which is why their certifications are SO important.

The ethical brand continues to grow at a rapid rate, as Eco Tan's ‘greener’ and healthier products are made with only natural and organic ingredients. Eco Tan have never and will never test on animals!

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Organic self-tanning range

Certified Organic (OFC)


Toxic Free - Safe Cosmetics Australia

Accredited Choose Cruelty Free 

Vegan Body and Tanning Range 



self tanning range

The Eco Tan range offers you a range of certified organic and natural tanning products. Made from all things natural with NO hidden nasties you can be confident you and your family are using nothing but the best.

Through the use of veggie ink and recycled paper that are friendly to our environment, Eco Tan aim to bring you a range of products that not only will you love but will also have as little impact on Mother Nature as possible.


professional salon tanning

The Eco Tan professional solution is an easy to use organic spray tan specifically created for dry, sensitive skin. The solutions can be used in beauty salon or at home along with a spray tanning machine.

The solutions made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature and contain no artificial or synthetic ingredients. You will find NO synthetic green or orange bases or dyes, all colors are derived from natural cacao delivering a gorgeous believable tan every time. Eco Tan's organic spray tan solutions are also vegan and cruelty free.

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Application & Removal Mitts


The perfect partner for ALL our organic tans with its double sideded design. One side is made for the perfect application of the creams and mousse while the other side is designed for application of the water based “Hempitan” and “Face Tan Water”.

One size fits all and made from recyclable fabric. We recommend handwashing after each application.


Tan Remover Glove is an exfoliating mitt and absolute essential in our tanning range!

The pre-tan-prep bestie that can be used dry or in the shower with the Salt Scrub or body wash to create a smooth and exfoliated pre-tan surface.

Also a must have to help remove your old tan and handy for those who get extra grubby (we’re looking at you gardeners and mechanics) to scrub away the day.

Eco-friendly and re-usable! Just hang it up in your bathroom and allow it to dry before using it again the next time you want to buff your skin, apply or remove your tan.



It all started after Sonya Driver’s 30 year old sister was diagnosed with a melanoma. Still wanting a tan but without the potential risk from UV she sought the next best thing and started having spray tans. After becoming concerned with the ingredients used in fake tans, Sonya began to research the ingredients from many different brands regardless of their claims.

After thousands of hours researching and formulating, Sonya put together a solution that she believes is not only beautiful but also safe and free from all things nasty and artificial. The colours do not contain synthetic food colouring and are made from natural cacao (chocolate), herbs, flower extract, fruit extract and chamomile from Mother Earth. Eco Tan and Eco by Sonya uses certified organics and naturals in all of its formulas and does not compromise quality or safety for the mighty dollar.
During March 2011, Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only organic tan to be Certified by the Organic Food Chain. The OFC is an Australian organic government approved certified body.