The Chia Co. are passionate about positive plant based nutrition.

Their chia seeds are bursting with fiber, omega-3 and protein.

The Chia Company is the world’s largest producer of natural, raw Chia seeds. Their farms are located in the pristine Kimberley region of Western Australia exactly 15 degrees south of the equator the closest chia seeds can be grown to NZ. 

Growing Chia at this latitude provides the ideal conditions, maximizing the Omega 3 profile in every seed. The Chia Company guarantee the quality of their products because they grow them themselves. 

Bringing chia to you in its simplest form, pure, clean and sun ripened

Chia is the highest combined plant based source of omega 3, fiber and protein.

One tablespoon of chia will provide you with 3g of omega 3 ALA and 6g of dietary fiber, along with a range of other important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Chia is gluten free and vegan. Store in a cool, dry place and reseal after opening. Products will be dispatched the next business day after ordering. 


Chia seed black

Chia Seed White 

Chia Oil 

Ground Chia 

Chia Pod® 

Breakfast Booster

Salad Booster

Chia Pod® Smooth





Introducing… CHIA POD SMOOTH

A delicious snack made with sustainably sourced chia seeds and coconut milk, blended with fruit or chocolate for quality nutrition on the go!

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We bring chia to you in its simplest form. Pure, clean and sun ripened.

Naturally ripened in the sun using gravity-fed irrigation to achieve the highest level of nutritional quality. Guaranteed the levels of omega 3, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals in every seed produced, with full traceability right back to the paddock the seed was grown in.

Black and white chia seeds are nutritionally identical, the only difference being the seed coat colour.

150g / 500g/ 1kg / Ground Seed 350g

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Chia Pod®

A healthy, dairy-free energy breakfast or snack - perfect for eating on the go.

Chia Pod® combines sun ripened chia seeds with coconut or almond milk and only real plant based ingredients.

Free from artificial flavours or preservatives. Gluten free and vegan.

Apple Spice / Cacao / Coconut / Oats + Quinoa / vanilla 170g

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The Chia Co. bring you chia to you in its simplest form, pure, clean and sun ripened. We carefully combine our chia seeds with premium wholefoods to create a positively simple boost for your salad or breakfast.

Simply add two tablespoons (30g) as a topping to your salad or breakfast for a nutritional boost.

Salad Booster Chia + Seseme 250g



Sustainable. Transparent. Plant based

“I founded The Chia Co to make a positive contribution to the health and wellness of the global community.
We farm in ideal conditions for the highest nutrition.”

– John Foss, Founder & Chairman