Love Tea Gift Box Collection - Each box come's with 4 boxes of specialy selected tea housed in a beautiful foiled gift box wrapped in a custom sleeve  



congratulations gift pack

The perfect gift for an expecting mother. 

1 x Pregnancy 50g

1 x Raspberry Leaf 50g

1 x Breastfeeding 75g

1 x Calming 50g loose leaf blends


health and happiness

1 x Skin Glow 50g

1 x Digestive 60g

1 x Vitality 75g

1 x Sleep 60g loose leaf blends.


Thank You 

1 x Lemongrass and Ginger 75g,

1 x White Rose and Goji 50g,

1 x French Earl Grey 100g and

1 x Calming 50g loose leaf blends.


with love

Our With Love gift pack contains 4 teas of your choosing.