Organic /Fair Trade / Naturopath Designed / Biodegradable / Hand Blended 

Love Tea FAQ'S 



What makes your products certified organic?

We believe products that are the best for your health are the ones that have no hidden ingredients and no unnecessary additives or flavours. At Love Tea we choose to use high quality, certified organic ingredients, sourced directly from around the world.  We believe organic ingredients taste better and are better for the environment. We are Australian Certified Organic.

What sustainable practices do you have in place?
We are dedicated to donating 1% of annual revenues to a range of environmental organisations worldwide. We feel it is our environmental responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment and continue to support non-for-profit organisations who are working towards improving the natural environment.

What is your tea bag material made from?
A company based in USA called Nature Works, buys corn, sugar cane, cassava and beet to produce a Lactic acid plant based polymer product that they have trademarked as Ingeo.  Ingeo is then made into a mesh material, known as Soilon. The Soilon product is made from the above mentioned plant based sugars and is the material we use for our biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

What are your “plastic” bags made from?
The plastic bags that the tea is packed into are actually biodegradable plant-based cello pouches, made from renewable resources. We spend thousands of dollars per year to ensure we provide a more environmentally friendly biodegradable option for our customers. They are not polypropylene bags like most plastic bags, which means you can compost our cellos and they will break down.

How can I compost Love Tea packaging?
Both our pyramid tea bags and the cello pouch that the tea is packed into, are biodegradable. Having tested the decomposition of these items personally, we did find that the starch needs the right balance of moisture, heat and PH to break down effectively. We recommend composting them in a warm environment, and not just simply placing them on the garden.

Are your products fairtrade?
We fairly source the majority of our ingredients directly from the growing communities and cooperatives who produce them. We pay fair trade premiums for the ingredients purchased from fair trade farms and continually strive to learn more about the challenges that the growers face in their regions.

Where do you source your ingredients?
It depends on the blend and the seasons. As many factors, such as environmental and economical changes can affect our raw ingredients, the plantations and countries can change from season to season. Each blend has an “Origin” tab, which lists the countries from which we source the ingredients in that particular blend.





Original Chai Pyramid 20

Love Tea Caffeine Free Chai Pyramid 20

Love Tea English Breakfast Pyramid 20

Love Tea French Earl Grey Pyramid 20

Love Tea Green Tea Pyramid 20

Love Tea White Rose & Goji Pyramid 20

Love Tea Digestive Pyramid 20

Love Tea Detox Pyramid 20

Love Tea Calming Pyramid 20

Love Tea Skin Glow Pyramid 20

Love Tea Sleep Pyramid 20

Love Tea Immunity Pyramid 20

Love Tea Liver Cleanse Pyramid 20

Love Tea Vitality Pyramid 20

Love Tea Metabolism Pyramid 20

Love Tea Licorice Love Pyramid 20

Love Tea Lemongrass & Ginger Pyramid 20

Love Tea Chamomile Vanilla Pyramid 20

Love Tea Peppermint Pyramid 20

Love Tea Coconut Orange Pyramid 20


Love Tea Pregnancy Pyramid 20

Love Tea Breastfeeding Pyramid 20

Love Tea Fertility Pyramid 20


Loose Leaf 

Love Tea Original Chai Leaf 100g

Love Tea Caffeine Free Chai Leaf 100g

Love Tea Dandelion Chai Leaf 100g

Love Tea Golden Spice Leaf 100g

Love Tea English Breakfast Leaf 100g

Love Tea French Earl Grey Leaf 100g

Love Tea Rooibos Leaf 100g

Love Tea Floral Love Leaf 50g

Love Tea Green Tea Leaf 100g

Love Tea Digestive Leaf 60g

Love Tea Womens Wellness Leaf 50g

Love Tea Calming Leaf 50g

Love Tea Sleep Leaf 60g

Love Tea Detox Leaf 75g

Love Tea Skin Glow Leaf 50g

Love Tea Turmeric Tea Leaf Box 100g


Love Tea Pregnancy Leaf 50g

Love Tea Breast Feeding Leaf 75g

Love Tea Raspberry Leaf Leaf 50g

Love Tea Fertility Leaf 75g

Love Tea Morning Wellness Leaf Leaf 50g